Thursday, July 16, 2009

Read at your own Discretion!

I have actually hesitated quite a bit about blogging about this, BUT, my purpose in blogging is to create some sort of trail of memories for our family. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

So, here it goes...Potty Training...two most under rated words in the English dictionary (for us anyway). Now, don't get me wrong, Hayden has really done really well with potty training and it has been rather simple to train him. I credit my Mama for getting him "over the hump" so to speak...ever since he has been back from her house, he rarely ever has an accident. Anyway, back to the point... As I said, he has been easy but here are some of our challenges: he thoroughly enjoys pee peeing on things (tires, toys, our furniture!, bugs, our dog!, you name it and I can bet you it has been peed on at least once) His favorite thing to do is "to make mud" outside of course...I am not sure how we will break him of this habit or if we ever will for that matter...and the make mud term--his own little phrase that he coined all on his own. So now goes the poo...he makes families in the potty (don't know where this came from!) or sometimes he will choose to make snakes, which I guess makes a little more sense...the worst and most disgusting thing he likes to do is poo in his pants and pull it out and play with it. He brought me a hand full the other day and said "look mommy, its mud, stinky mud, shooowhew!" Don't worry we sanitized and washed and washed and there you go a memory for my dear Hayden to read someday when he is older.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Visit from Nanny!

During Hayden's annual trip to my Mama's house (blogging to come on his visit)- Hayden was able to get an unexpected visitor! His NANNY! My grandmother, who lives in Huntsville, AL. She was passing through and heard little man was in town and stopped in to see his cute face! She said he told her he wanted to come to Alabama to stay with her soon!

4th of July with GramC & Pops

The 4th of July Joey's parents do a traditional get-together at their lakehouse...we had a grand time this year! Hayden & Rylan (our cousin) & all their new friends had such a good time playing in the sand at the little beach behind the house and splashing around in the water!!
Hayden enjoyed playing with his GramC & Pops...he even got to drive Pops boat!! We drove through the lake and looked at all the boats decorated-Hayden's favorite was the pirate boat, everytime we passed he said ARRRR! Pirate! Ha!
The kids had a great time - they literally konked out before we were even out of the driveway. Joey and I definately got a taste of what it would be like with twins and WHEW! I have much sympathy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just the Two of Us!

Hayden has been with my family in Corinth for an entire week! We miss our little angel so much but I have to admit its been fun to be able to be a couple again. Friday night, we went to "The Hat" for supper and then to see Hangover at the theater. It was the funniest movie we have seen in a while and completely inappropriate! Saturday we spent the day at my cousins pool---WoW! Can you say relaxation?! I haven't had that much quiet time in a long time. After absorbing way too many rays we came home to get ready for our big date! We went to Atlantica Grill which is supposed to be the No 1 restaurant in Mississippi. I wouldn't go that far by any means...but it was fun. Afterwards, we went by the hotel so I could show off our $6mil renovation...which is absolutely AMAZING and really is something to see! Later we went to our local hangout-The Bulldog had a couple drinks then came home and went to bed. And Sunday, we spent the day cleaning house and just relaxing!

I went for a mani/pedi yesterday and I am so happy to finally find someone good! You know how it is to move to a new city?? It takes dag-gum for-ever to find someone good to do your hair and nails! And I'll be darned if they aren't at the same place?? Rumors Hair Salon is the best kept secret in Brandon!! Melissa has been doing my hair for about two years now--also does Hayden & Joey's hair. She is the one who helps me keep Hayden's hair long! She simply tells Joey she refuses to cut it any shorter! Ha. I love it. She has become a friend and knows more about my family than most actually...well, long story short she talked Joey into getting me a mani/pedi...I went last night and absolutely love Beth Bates! She is great!

We will see Hayden Friday and can't wait! He has had LOTS of fun with his MiMi, PawPaw, NiNi, Jon & Muhyers and the rest of the family...He has told me a few times that he is now MiMi's baby! I love to see them have so much fun with rewarding to be a grandparent I am sure but it sure is wonderful to sit back and watch grandparents and your child interact. Just amazing.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lets Play Catch Up!

Where to start, Where to start...It has been a while since I "blogged". I allowed all of you to get out of touch with the Carpenter Krew! We have been very busy...we are well into toddler world. This is definitely adventurous and very memorable and I should blog everyday but where does the time go in a day, huh?
While pregnant, I prayed for yes, a healthy baby but I also prayed for God to give us a child that would have the ability to overcome any challenge he may be faced with during life...We have been blessed. He has yet to find that challenge he cannot meet! I feel so blessed! However, I didn't realize while praying that with that child would come more challenges for me and Hayden's daddy to overcome. He is extremely outgoing, loves to explore, test, friendly, and smart! Let me put this in perspective for you...its not out of the ordinary for Hayden to empty an entire box of Cheez-Its into the washer (with white clothes) and come tell me "Mommy, crackers taken a bath...they all kin [aka clean]! -or- say Mommy, con see, I color A & B & pity pictirs" this would be when he made a masterpiece of my couch--thankfully, he chose chalk! -or- filling the toilet with various and sundry items or emptying the water out of the toilet into the floor...Whew! I need to post stuff like this daily!
Hayden's partner in crime, Ally Claire! They say they are going to marry eachother one day...oh me, what these two will get into during teenage years!

Hayden moved up to the older two's at school **sniff, sniff** to Ms. Lyn's class. I have to say she is my they all are though... We are potty training and I have to say, he is doing excellent! Our only obstacle is the fact of how he goes potty... He will go potty and stay dry as long as he gets to "make mud" outside! He came up with that all on his own!! When he has to potty-- he says, "mommy/daddy, I go make MUD!" or he will choose to go peepee in other interesting places--things like Daddy's tires or the typical, a tree or bush. So, I am not sure how we will convince him that we don't announce the fact we gotta go make mud to everyone. Right now, its just cute to everyone...

Not as interesting with Joey and I, we are just growing wiser everyday and thankful to be so blessed! We continue to work hard--both still enjoying work. However, counting down the days until vacation! We will celebrate our 4 year anniversary the 25th of this month. Its hard to believe the time has slipped so fast!

Prada has adapted really well...She is a sweet dog and tolerates a lot from Hayden. He rides her like a horse, pulls her ears, and showers her with plenty of hugs & kisses. Allie spends most of her time hiding behind my clothes in the closet or up high where Hayden can't reach her... Ha!

I will try to update more frequent...I will leave you with the Carpenter Krew's nightly routine...I will read the same book to you one, two or even three times; sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle,Twinkle, & my special little song for Hayden over and over again; finally we will say our prayers and God Bless Mommy, Daddy, Prada, Choo Choo Trains, toys, MiMi, PawPaw, Paps, Unkie T, Ta Ta, Mattie France, Blake, Brent, Muhyers, Libby, Sampson, Scratch, Ally Claire, Mindy, friends, etc...we go on & on & on naming literally everything we associate with daily. Ha!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Boys, Toys and Lots of Fun!

Boys will be boys, right? Well, it all started when Joey and I were in Target right after Christmas. We were walking through the boys section and saw --wait for it, wait for it---grown men's footie pajamas! Yes! We couldn't believe it either. So, we bought them and used them as a prank for the rest of the weekend. It was so funny...all the boys bought them and used them as a party prank at my cousin Brent's 40th birthday party!! Joey's had dinosaurs, and the others were all-star and rockets and they ALL glowed in the dark! How funny is that?!?!

Brent had his 40th birthday party...and we (parents who don't get out much which was very obvious to way too many people) had lots of fun! We danced, enjoyed some adult beverages, caught up with people we haven't seen in a while, and made some new, not so welcoming friends...wink...wink :-0 Needless to say, it will be a very memorable night. The Powell's are known for creating memorable moments and this one won't be forgotten...for sure!

For 2009 Valentine's Day, we decided to splurg a little...Joey has always wanted a four wheeler and we brought home a 2008 Honda Foreman complete with mud grip tires and rims. I wasn't completely in agreement with the tires and rims but Joey wasn't leaving the store without them. It is pretty! And Hayden loves it. He calls it his "4wheeler car". And for my Valentine's Day present...something I have always needed (not wanted) is some help in the house! Ms. Virginia starts this week with helping me keep the house clean which we all know is a chore with 2 boys and a dog!

And I will leave you with updates from our sweet baby...Hayden visited his Mimi and PawPaw/Pepop (he calls him both, in the same sentence) this past week. This was so much fun for him...and a break for Mama and Daddy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our lil man on Holly Bush Road

As Hayden and I leave the house in a rush every morning at 7 a.m. we turn out onto Holly Bush Road which is a main road leading to the highway. Every morning, we have this tall, lanky colored gentleman who is apparently retired greeting us and every other car with a big bright smile and warm wave. And me and Hayden yell to him "Hey, lil man!" and give him a big wave and smile at him back. (don't ask me why we call him lil man when he is tall and lanky-that is just what we started calling him because we don't know his name) He walks down the road with a cane all bundled up in his coveralls to make my and many other people's day! Isn't that just awesome??!! This man's sole purpose to walk down to the end of the road to wave at all the cars! If it is raining, he isn't out and Hayden will even ask "where little man go?"I have often wanted to take him something as a thank you for making me smile each morning because it just makes my day to see him. But I find myself wondering what such a happy man that starts his day by making someone elses day possibly need...probably not a darn thing...he is just happy to be here living his life despite all the bad things that our country is going through, all the lost jobs, lost homes, and anything else that any individual faces. What an inspiration, huh??!!
We should all be like that "little man" and just be thankful for what we do have...not what we don't have or may possibly loose. Be happy and just make the best of everything as we weather the storm. It will get better...we just have to be positive and make the best of what we do have... Just thought I would share my daily inspiration that I have the wonderful opportunity to experience every day!
So, today just smile and greet who you pass will make their day and yours.