Thursday, July 16, 2009

Read at your own Discretion!

I have actually hesitated quite a bit about blogging about this, BUT, my purpose in blogging is to create some sort of trail of memories for our family. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

So, here it goes...Potty Training...two most under rated words in the English dictionary (for us anyway). Now, don't get me wrong, Hayden has really done really well with potty training and it has been rather simple to train him. I credit my Mama for getting him "over the hump" so to speak...ever since he has been back from her house, he rarely ever has an accident. Anyway, back to the point... As I said, he has been easy but here are some of our challenges: he thoroughly enjoys pee peeing on things (tires, toys, our furniture!, bugs, our dog!, you name it and I can bet you it has been peed on at least once) His favorite thing to do is "to make mud" outside of course...I am not sure how we will break him of this habit or if we ever will for that matter...and the make mud term--his own little phrase that he coined all on his own. So now goes the poo...he makes families in the potty (don't know where this came from!) or sometimes he will choose to make snakes, which I guess makes a little more sense...the worst and most disgusting thing he likes to do is poo in his pants and pull it out and play with it. He brought me a hand full the other day and said "look mommy, its mud, stinky mud, shooowhew!" Don't worry we sanitized and washed and washed and there you go a memory for my dear Hayden to read someday when he is older.

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